We believe that integrity is the only way to run a successful company. We provide efficient and reliable services that you can use to get rid of damaged vehicles, most especially when you have a problem moving it on your own. Your car will stop running sooner or later, and the damage will be too severe for you to repair.

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We Buy Junk Cars in St Paul, MN

Our company is here to help you with your unfortunate. We have automotive professionals who are willing to extend help and make sure that it is advantageous to everyone, especially our clients. The more power we have, the better we have to negotiate rates with leverage. We have developed a reputation that has allowed us to branch out and explore possibilities that cannot be achieved by other junk car services. If an old junker taking up room in your garage or yard, why not get rid of it and get some cash as well? We specialize in towing, pickups for old vehicles, and free removal of junk cars. And offer a wide range of options, unlike other local businesses that provide minimal assistance. We are up to the challenge, no matter how complex or tiny the job is, and we will exceed your standards. Contact us, and you will be guided through your options by our junk car services with our professionals. With this, check out our different services available.

So If you are looking for an instant cash offer for your car, we can help!
Simply fill out the contact form or give us a call and you will have guaranteed cash offer for your scrap junker within minutes. If we agree on a price we will hand you a check or cash on the spot and scherdule a pick up for the car wish includes a free towing.
And just like that your car will be gone and you will have the cash to spend any way you want and your car will be on the way to the scrap yard.

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Junk Car Removal

When you sell your car, junk car removal is getting your old vehicle towed or removed on a flatbed. Since junk car removal can be a challenge, it can be even more challenging to get the best price for your scrap car. In St. Paul Mn, we offer you an incomparable junk car removal service. Fortunately, there are ways of getting your junk car top dollar, and we’re going to tell you how to get your car cash. No worries because what you paid for is what you get. We do not charge extra for the removal of junk vehicles. Also, we have a quick and free process as well. Undoubtedly, we will give a check to you as soon as you hand over the title, and we verify the vehicle’s condition

Free Junk Car Towing

Flat tires, mechanical problems, overheated engines, depleted gas tanks, etc. require unnecessary emergency services. In just one call, we offer free towing for a junk vehicle. Even though it’s in the middle of the night, we still hear you because no one wants to be left stranded because of any unforeseen occurrences. The following are the different types of towing we offer.
In terms of reaching out and pulling vehicles trapped in hard to reach places, Flatbed tow trucks are an ideal option. In more demanding terrains, such as mountains and ice-covered roads, these vehicles are also used. A wrecker tow trucks are also regularly used, they do the job correctly in most conditions and circumstances.

Wheel Lift is one of the latest and perhaps the most commonly used recovery vehicles in the twin cities. The wheel-lift mechanism for towing vehicles is straightforward. The truck’s clamps are connected to the drive wheels and then slightly raised to allow free movement.

We tow junk cars in St Paul


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Remove Val uable items from Vehicle.

Take the time to remove any useful features before you hand it over to us to become scrap metal. When you sell them separately, some auto parts will give you more money, such as the Alternators, radio systems, starter engines, batteries, and wheels.

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Have Paperwork Ready To Save Us Time.

When you have the titles and other paperwork in hand, it is always simpler. In this case, you may pass the ownership to the junk car buyer with whom you work, relinquishing all your relevant duties and obligations. Then, you won’t have to deal with the investigation if anything unexpected occurs, such as car theft.

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Cancel Vehicle Insurance Immediately

You must fill out what’s going on. Share any changes to your policy that have occurred since you last checked in and clarify that that particular vehicle would no longer need coverage. It should be noted that before the policy expires, you do not want to get stuck making annual policy fees on your beater.

We have supported countless vehicle owners in St Paul, MN. And Minneapolis, MN. Over the years by not only taking away their broken vehicles but also giving them a reasonable price. We safely transport cars of any make and model to various locations in this way. Besides, by buying them from you for a fair price, we can help you make a fast profit on your old junk cars. Our company is an excellent choice for working with our junk car business here in the Twin Cities.

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