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The Short And Only Version Of Our Privacy Policy Statement Page.

At St Paul Cash For Junkers, want to thank you for stopping by and check out our privacy policy page. Never in a 100 years we would imagine that someone would be stopping by and check the privacy policy page about a junk car removal in St Paul Minnesota. Will then, since you really are here we will start by letting you know that we do care about your online privacy and we respect that. please be assure that we will never ever sell rent or chare your personal online information we are in the business of buying junk cars in St Paul, MN. not in the business of selling peoples information. However please be advised that on our website there will be outgoing “links” that when and if you do click on any one of them you will be taken to other websites of wish we don’t have control of. so please check out their privacy policy page as theirs will most likely be different than ours and we dont have control of such privacy policy pages.
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